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Massachusetts’ Diversified Machining Company Is Scaling Up for Growth

Rebuilding a Successful Company to be a Bigger One


Hudson, MA–November 4, 2022–Phil Holman joined Diversified Machining after a successful 36-year career as owner and president of Fourstar Connections, a cable assemblies contract manufacturing company in Hudson, MA.

Downshifting from a larger scale operation, coming from a complementary industry, Holman knew his work was cut out for him when he sold his company and invested in Diversified Machining with existing owner, Chet MacDonald. MacDonald has been running Diversified Machining for almost four decades, and though at a smaller scale, has been running his shop with the same focus that Fourstar did: expert in his field of machining, quality- and customer-centric, relationship-strong, very personal, one-on-one collaboration, helping people with design for manufacturability (DFM) requirements and new production introduction (NPI), with on-time delivery.


Holman contracted Diversified Machining countless times to build machined parts for Fourstar’s cable assemblies. Having worked for manyDiversified Machining _TRAK years with MacDonald, Holman recognized the efficient business model of Diversified and understood where and how to grow its machining business—and not just in capital expenditures on the new equipment they added to the facility. In a recent article, Holman discusses the steps they made to scale up Diversified to keep the same level of service, while increasing its—and customers’—capacity for machined parts. This article addresses:


  • Technology
  • ISO certification
  • Marketing
  • Legacy knowledge
  • Industries served

As Holman says, “I needed to explore the business model priorities I had been operating from for almost four decades and shift them to more of a start-up mentality. Probably the most crucial piece of this pie was in recognizing the depth and breadth of networks and resources we had built at Fourstar: everything from our talented staff, affiliate relationships with suppliers and vendors, real-time, digital technologies, documented processes and procedures, ISO certification, etc. Chet had all the foundations in place when I came on board—and was running a fine business with satisfied customers—but did not have the tools in place to scale up. We are solid and ready to bring on more customers and welcome new inquiries.”    


Diversified Machining is located in a brand-new, state-of-the-art facility at 1A Bonazzoli Avenue, Suite #4 in Hudson, MA. Call (978) 562-2213 or visit the website at 

About Diversified Machining, Inc. 

In business since 1992, Diversified Machining is a contract manufacturing company with over 80 years of collective experience in prototype and production machining, along with expertise in efficient new product development and introduction (NPD/NPI) and design for manufacturability (DFM). The team at Diversified works closely with customers and will design and build fixtures and jigs, and can work from electronic files, prints, verbal instructions, and sketches. Among the industries served are medical electronics, contract electronics manufacturers, industrial manufacturers, military sub-contract manufacturers, robotic manufacturers, and contractors who need specialized machined parts. It provides low- to mid-volume, assembly, lathe, and manual work. CNC milling machines, CNC turning, and plastics machining are on the equipment roster. Materials such as aluminum, steel, Delrin and other phenolic materials, stainless steel, copper, and alloys specific to the applications are used. Collaboration, quality, quick-turn production and delivery, and customer service are cornerstones of Diversified Machining’s approach.